Monday, 20 April 2009

National Beanpole Week - April 25-May 3

This is the second annual event to celebrate Britain's coppiced woodlands. With news and events from around the country and your chance to buy coppiced products from beanpoles, pea sticks, hurdles, baskets, walking sticks etc.

Find out more about bean poles and coppicing on their site.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Bean Poles

This year, as an alternative to bamboo poles to support your growing beans (of all varieties), why not use home grown bean poles and pea sticks. Cut from locally sourced coppice and available around the country. Do your bit and support coppiced woodlands which provide great sustainable products and are good for wildlife

You can find your nearest supplier:

I'm not yet at the stage of needing any support but I'll be looking out for real pea sticks to support my mangetout seedlings and a few hazel sticks for the runner beans to clamber up.