Sunday, 12 September 2010

Today's Haul

A nice selection of cherry tomatoes and one or two small plums (tomatoes that is) and a cucumber.  Possibly going to be the last of the year as the tomato plants are dying back as it gets cooler and many of them are split with the recent rain.

Still a few cucumbers growing on the plants and the chillies are reddening up.  Not sure the green peppers are going to grow much more - they're a petite variety!

The courgettes have all but given up - as usual I didn't get very many - despite the addition of horse manure in their pots this year and regular feeding.

Wondering what might happen with the potatoes I planted.  A bit of a try it and see, as I put a couple of tubers in an old dustbin and when they finally emerged, have been earthing them up.  I noticed there's one that's grown up in the compost heap.  The squash I planted on top of the old heap never made it beyond a few inches before being eaten by slugs.

Debating planting up some purple sprouting broccoli for over the winter - I spotted a few plants in a local nursery.  Don't have the space for anything larger - like cabbage or sprouts but some winter veg might be nice for a change.