Monday, 27 June 2011

Mangetout Planted Up

Planted up a couple of rows of mangetout in the new raised bed.  They'll be more easily accessible and don't grow as tall as the runner beans, so may be easier to reach and harvest - as and when they get going - if the slugs and pigeons don't get them first!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A New Raised Bed

Busy planting up this weekend and assembled a new raised bed - bought in kit form from the garden centre - deeper than the last one, which was starting to come apart and slightly smaller - this one being square rather rectangular.

Lined and filled with soil, compost and a good helping of well rotted horse manure along with coffee grounds, gleaned from a local coffee stall.

It's in the same place as the last one, at the bottom of the garden which makes the most of the afternoon sun and is where I intend to grow the beans this year ... there's still time to get them planted.

The new wicker containers on the patio, planted up with courgette and cucumbers.  Gooseberries are fruiting well in a pot at the back (it really needs to be repotted at the end of this year!).

Chilli peppers are planted up in the pots to the left.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Planting Upward and Onwards

Filled up the newly constructed 'salad box' with compost.

Planted up ...

Tomato plants - two Money Makers, one Beefsteak (bought today) and an Alicante.  Still have a couple of tomatoes plants to find a home - another Money Maker and one Black Cherry.  Seedlings are starting to sprout so will also have some normal cherry tomatoes too.

Courgette plant - bought on Saturday, which is getting munched by slugs and snails already.  Surprisingly one of the courgettes I planted is finally starting to come through.

Three cucumber plants (bought today) - outdoor ones.  Giving up on the seeds I'd planted.  I also have a yellow, cucumber plant.

Peas - not something I'd usually grow but I bought a pot today and will see what happens.  More likely to be slug fodder.

The second sowing of runner beans are just starting to come through.  The four other plants are growing strongly and will get planted up as soon as I get hold of some well rotted manure.

Planted up some more mangetout from a freshly purchased packet.  Hopefully these will do better than the last lot and not take too long to come up.

Sifted out a load of compost to fill up pots and container from the second bin - along with a load of bindweed - it gets everywhere unfortunately.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pick Up A Plant Or Two

Another opportunity to pick up some more plants for the garden at today's Saltdean Fund Day.  First off was an Alicante tomato, runner beans - Scarlet Emperor, courgette and from another stand - two massive, practically ready to fruit, Money Maker tomato plants and a round yellow courgette.

At least some people seem to be more successful at growing from seed, so better to benefit from their green fingers and pick up a few plants and get a head start, rather than my so far abortive attempts.

Also much better value than the garden centre.