Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Green And Spiky

Lovely specimen.  Well at least something is doing well in the garden.

Have to admit that these 'Marketmore' outdoor cucumbers always seem to do well.  They grow well from seed and produce three or more cucumbers on each plant.

I've only got three plants growing in a pot and they're a lot easier to grow than the courgettes which never seem to do well.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Coming Along Nicely

Just eaten a few blueberries picked straight from the plant.  Last year the cold, damp weather and wind did for  most of the blossom but this year I have a few lovely, large berries.  Not more than a good handful in total, so I'll savour every one.

I have a lovely cucumber which is almost ready for picking and many more coming along.  They're outdoor ridge cucumbers, tend to have a thickish skin but delicious flavour.  You can't beat home-grown.

The tomatoes have given up trying to grow upright and are now sprawling along the ground.  I can try tying them back up again but they just get beaten back down by the wind and the weight of the developing tomatoes.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Hoping For Rain!

It's been incredibly dry this summer and we've had very little rain.  Elsewhere in the UK, they have but down on the South Coast nothing.

I've been watering the veg pots from the water butts and an occasional hose when the whole garden needs it and now all three barrels are almost empty.  Hoping desperately for rain tomorrow - there's some forecast but we've not had much more than a light shower for weeks, so I'm hoping for a good drenching.

While we all enjoy the summer sunshine - we really do need the rain for plants to grow.  The courgettes and tomatoes are just about surviving but the broad beans and mangetout have suffered from the dry weather and while I've had a few mangetouts (the slugs and snails didn't help) sadly no broad beans this year.  At least not from my little plot.

Will be recycling the shower water next.