Sunday, 3 February 2013

Homegrown begins another year

Inspired by today's Seedy Sunday event at the Brighton Corn Exchange and James Wong's talk on the Home-grown Revolution, I'm determined to grow something more than slugs this year!

It's reassuring to hear that everyone else was having a tough time last year too and many were growing far more than I was in my little patch.

I don't have the space for rows of onions, leeks and the more traditional veg, so usually plant summer, salad crops.

James' idea of growing the more expensive, less available and more 'exotic' crops that have been disease and pest resistance makes perfect sense for the smaller plot or those of us who don't have a dedicated vegetable plot.

I'll also be trying more from seed this year - especially having picked up a few packets of runner and french beans, lemon cucumber, a couple of tomato varieties and chard.
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