Thursday, 10 July 2008

Beans Are In

Finally planted up the SFG having cleared out the cat cr*p. They basically ignored the carefully laid trellis and just did their business right on top of it. Already picked the first of the mangetouts before they even got in the ground. They certainly live up to their name of sugar peas - nothing beats picking them straight off the plant.

Have also planted up two rows of runner beans. Let's hope they're more successful than last year and don't get blown about too much - mmm, maybe the wind will blow the snails off! The wind hasn't let up for almost two weeks but at least we've now had some rain as although the veg is looking OK, the rest of the garden is pretty dry. Sprinkled some cat pellets all over the area in an attempt to discourage them. I think barbed wire, search lights and an armed guard patrolling the perimeter is the only solution.

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